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I found new businessmen (Terry and Sherry Braley) in January at a rally for motorcyclists. After speaking with some individual riders, they were showing me the location of the new Terry and Sherry (Road Rash Apparel) and how low they cost on their leather apparel. So after searching for the group, I finally got together with them. I introduced myself and we walked and probably talked a few hours north about their new job. They have already spoken. I asked Terry and Sherry what the right reason to start their business was and why! Do you sell your very modest clothes?

Terry - "Indeed, we were on the Internet one evening searching for some cowhide coats and chaps to buy. We probably looked for three hours seeing what appeared to be each site there was to check out and I was unable to trust the costs of some of them. I realize the end product will correspond to its price, however damn?

Sherry - “All humble calfskin seemed to have been that 'hard cowhide' or some refer to it as 'gem cut cowhide'. We weren't keen on that. Not to say there was anything wrong with it. Out of the shell, that's what Like it, get it. Whatever floats his boat."

Terry-"No doubt. I had inquired or two about what sort of coat to purchase. Most of the riders I had asked, advised me to get one that was made for riding. You know, at the event you lay your bicycle down. What's more, fixed calfskin wasn't the most ideal way to go.

In any case, I offered the remark that somebody needs to begin offering this stuff that takes special care of us unfortunate bikers."

Sherry - "I investigated Terry and I said, 'We can make it happen'

Terry - "after seven days I quit my place of employment and began building the site. I did A LOT of examinations on Leather. Types, thickness, and where it comes from. I was practically tired of a cowhide after around 3 days. any case, we concluded we needed to buy our cowhide from an American-made maker and I wound up finding an organization in Spokane WA that had what we were searching for. calfskin. Also, I'll tell you. What I pay for the coats and why I sell them, we don't create a major gain on them."

Now that we've covered those parts of Biker Shirts, Leather Jackets, Motorcycle Apparel, Boots, Chaps, Vests, and Leather Lingerie, how about we go to a portion of different elements that should be thought of.

Sherry - "Yeah, we're not in it to get rich. Simply bring in a minimal expenditure and assist with putting your kindred bikers."

Terry - "Since we've gone live on the Internet we have sold more T-Shirts than coats. That is fine. I think when individuals see our cost they believe it's However modest cowhide and stray away from it. You can't find our sort coats on the web at a superior cost I think"

Well without going into the entire 2-hour discussion we had. We proceeded to talk and they educated me concerning what they sold on their site. Shirts, Leather Lingerie, Boots, Chaps, Vests, and the rundown went on. Terry said "at present, we sell north of 700 sorts of shirts and plan on adding more. When we finish, we will have above and beyond 1500. That is a lot of damn shirts"

These were two of the most amiable individuals I have at any point met. Both Terry and Sherry are from Georgia and live in Douglasville Ga. Furthermore, you could tell that these were only two individuals attempting to pay special attention to individual bikers and our shallow pockets.

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