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Where has customer service gone?

What happened to the old saying “the customer is the supreme owner or the sovereign”? Or on the other hand, the customer in each case is right. Not anymore. The agents of the organization seem happy to deal with the customers and put up stone walls, some gloating over their sites early in the morning and late at night to call only to annoy the customers to prepare them for their day.

What kind of person gets kicked out of this kind of behavior? Do they try and think before they call back which customer they are calling and who they can interact with that day? Is this type of activity simply a more legitimate business risk?

Exaggerated anger is quite normal among the general public at this point... What's the next phone tantrum? Would this also be a mental discovery and a legitimately defensible offense? I was about to bet on it!

Visa organizations are among a portion of the most exceedingly terrible guilty parties and presently, if one is great, cover your bills on time and in full client they don't need you and as a matter of fact, are thinking about punishing the "great client" by charging them a yearly expense to utilize their card. Truly?

It really amazes and paralyzes me how miserable customer support has become. It's an oxymoron... Customer and management don't meet anymore; No customer assistance, it's all about the organization's way of bringing in cash and more benefits. Don't organizations often think any more about how they see it? The main influence and voice left by the customer is to no longer be a customer of an organization and when that happens there will be no need for primary concern, bringing in money/benefits, helping customers or the CEO; And then no more organizing

I have forever been a positive individual and I attempt to check out the two sides of every circumstance. Do I have ideas and deal arrangements? Totally! At the point when I have had a phenomenal involvement in client support, I tell them so and express gratitude toward them as well as let everybody know that I interact with what an extraordinary organization, administration, or item they have. Of late, I have been quiet... can't help thinking about why?

i am a man